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Jumpstart Learning Solutions


Putting All the Pieces Together



Jumpstart Learning Solution Offerings

  • Healing Energy Work - to enhance life
  • The Focus Tool - to improve focus and concentration
  • Private Instruction - to improve reading and math skills

Healing Energy Work

Benefits of Healing Energy Work

Learning Disabilities

Memory Loss

Electromagnetic Stress

Attention Deficits/Hyperactivity

Balance and Muscle Coordination

Body Hydration

Emotional Stress

Foggy Thinking


Healing Energy Work

enhances overall 

feelings of health and well-being, and restores a sense of balance and harmony

The Focus Tool

Benefits of The Focus Tool

Learn how to bring your mind home!

Enhance and accelerate memory and learning.

Bring your body and mind into alignment.

Optimize your perceptual awareness of what is going on around you.

Maintain attention, focus and concentration. 

Improve balance and coordination

Private Instruction

Benefits of Private Instruction

Highly-qualified Instructor

Access to hands-on learning manipulative

Unique math learning activities

Reading and writing skills and strategies  breakdown techniques

Confidence restoration

Positive behavior and social skill applications


Jumpstart Learning Solutions

Dedicated to correct and optimize clear thinking.

Torri Jensen


Jumpstart Learning Solutions Philosophy

After 19 years being a Montessori teacher, and working with children who experience learning differences and struggles, I was grateful to find an energy healing work that specifically addresses the ‘wiring’ of brain pathways, and allows the free flow and correct processing of information. Healing Energy Work is beneficial to adults as well as children, and I am happy to offer this work to people of all ages.

Torri Jensen

Healing Energy Worker

Association Montessori Internationale

​Master of Education Utah Licensed Teacher

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