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In our stress-filled world, clearing and correcting brain pathways optimizes our ability to flow smoothly through our lives.

Healing Energy Work

HEALING ENERGY WORK clears stress energies from our brain circuitry and allows correct thought processing. Using the techniques of kinesiology (muscle testing), and acupressure point formats, over 100 brain pathways are checked and cleared enabling correct information to flow to and from the brain. Our 5 senses receive information from the world around us in the forms of vision, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.  Healing Energy Work ensures that our brains correctly process input from the senses in order for us to respond accurately and optimally.   


The FOCUS TOOL includes instruction in visualization and Home-point Focus Training. This training offers individuals the skills necessary to recognize and apply their own innate ability to learn through bringing the body and mind into alignment. This process can optimize and accelerate the learning process due to enhanced perceptual awareness.  

The FOCUS TOOL  Benefits and Improves

  • Focus and concentration
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • ADHD/ADD Symptoms
  • Dyslexia,Symptoms
  • Math Computation Skills
  • Reading, Spelling, Writing
  • Behavioral and Social Skills

Jumpstart Write to Read Program

The Jumpstart Write to Read Program recognizes the child’s natural ability to hear, separate and identify sounds in words.The student is then guided towards using the sounds and their corresponding symbol(s) to build words, sentences and paragraphs. During the course of this process, the child discovers and enhances his/her ability to communicate via reading and writing.​

Montessori Math Materials

Montessori Jumpstart Learning Solutions offers a full array of the MONTESSORI MATH MATERIALS to help children and adults make sense of mathematical concepts.  Math is not simply abstract numbers and calculations written on paper.  Math is found in everything we see that has size or shape.  How tall is a tree? How wide is a river? How much water is in that lake?  Math is about shape, size, and quantity.  The Montessori Math Materials offer hands-on manipulatives that help students visualize what math truly is.

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